What is Home Staging?

Home staging is the process of preparing your home for sale to be viewed through the eyes of the buyer. Prospective buyers make a decision within seconds of walking through your front door about whether they are interested in your home. Natasha Kalita Design will showcase your home’s best features creating that coveted great first impression.
The goal of home staging is to sell your home for top dollar in the shortest amount of time. Natasha Kalita Design will work with your existing furnishings, and is necessary, source out accessories at an affordable cost.

Colour Consulting:

Colour is the single most important visible element in your home. It’s no wonder that people agonize over it! Choosing the perfect colour can be a daunitng task; choosing the wrong one can prove frustrating.
With thousands of colours to choose from, it makes sense to hire someone who can take the guesswork out of the equation and create the colour palette that is right for your home.

Design & Redesign:

Redesign is an increasingly popular trend in Interior Design that uses what you already have t create a fresh, more functional home. As a Redesign Specialist, I often complete a room makeover in as little as a day using only furnishings already in the home. The fresh look can be carried into other spaces in the home with additional consultations or services, such as shopping for new accessories, seasonal decor and colour consulting.

Room In A Box

Room In A Box offers clients a custom interior solution through an online process that caters directly to their needs as if they were meeting with Natasha Kalita in person!
Natasha Kalita Design will carefully curate products tailored to your very specific aesthetic. Whether one room or an entire house, we will create your own very unique space that you will enjoy and share with your family and guests for years to come

Initial Consultation

Ideal for the client who is ready to kick-start a project and wants guaranteed results.

For the do-it-yourself customer, a one-time visit can solve a design dilemma, offer objective opinion and provide concrete direction. Natasha Kalita Design provides suggestions in a 1-2 hour onsite meeting. Direction for furniture placement, décor suggestions, window treatments, fabric choice, flooring, paint colour palettes, new construction and renovations.

Personal Shopping:

I know where to go for what, stay within your budget, and pass along trade discounts, where possible. Shopping for home décor can be time-consuming, confusing and overwhelming. Relax, and let Natasha Kalita Design take care of it!